Thursday, March 25, 2010


I had a great evening tonight even though my morning felt a little "off".
Tonight I got to experience my first ever yoga, pilates, tai chi workout. The Grand has recently started a new Les Mills class called Bodyflow that is a combinaton of yoga, pilates and tai chi. I had really been wanting to try it out but the times never worked with my schedule so finally tonight I was free! I was unsure of what to expect from the class since I have no yoga or pilates background. I figured it would be some basic streching and a time to relax....little did I know!!! About 1/4 into it I was dripping sweat. I felt like the kid in class who had no clue what was going on but I did my best and REALLY enjoyed it.....sweating and all : ) Maybe next Thursday I will get the scorpion and the twisting warrior down..haha!

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