Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Favorite Weekday

Life Group
I have come to love Tuesday nights. Not because it isn't Monday but soley because of my bible study I get to go to! These are some of the reasons I love my life group:
1. The awesome Spencer family
2. The good food (thanks Debi and Clay for always taking care of my special diet needs)
3. The fellowship with good people
4. The prayer time with an awesome group of girls
5. The opporunity to share what is on my heart with people I know I can trust
and last but not least.....
6. The time learning about God's word!!!

Right now our girl's group is studying the book of James and learning so much from it. Debi Spencer does an amazing job of leading our group and pushing us to be more like Christ! James has taught me how to handle trials & tempations, to be slow to speak, not to judge or show discrimination, how to put my faith into action, the importance of controlling the tongue, have wisdom that comes from God, and most recently how not to have friendships with the world.

I can't wait to continue learning more as we finish up James and move on to another study!!

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