Monday, March 22, 2010

and were back in the swing.....

Back to School after a nice spring break...pretty hard to get up this morning!!! I guess I just need to remember how lucky I am that I even get a spring break anymore, unlike most of my friends and family. Guess that is why they pay teachers so awful...hmmm...don't get me started.

This is about the time of year when teaching gets realllllly hard...the weather is getting nicer, the kids are getting more excited about summer and there are no more breaks left! : ( I am just really hoping I still am employed by Jenks next year with all of the budget cuts going on. They are getting us "temporay contract" teachers a little worried that we might need to look elsewhere...sure hope not! I guess at least I would have a little cash coming in from Stella and Dot if I suddenly was not "rehired." I will explain what I do with Stella and Dot in another post on another day. Must go to Young Life basketball tournament now!

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