Sunday, March 21, 2010

Still laughing...

So I just had a really funny thing happen to me. I needed to dry my hair this morning but since my roomate, Lauren did not get home from work until 6:30 this morning I didn't want to dry it in my room and wake her up. So I decided to go to our laundry room at the other end of our house and dry my hair. Well after drying my hair and starting my laundry I was going to come back to my room and watch the Life church service on my computer. When I went to open the laundry room was LOCKED. I guess the handle was in the lock position so when I closed the door it now became locked from my side. Well, it might not sound like that big of a problem yet but...the only other way for me to get into the house would be to go to the front door. That might have been a good idea if there wasn't a foot of snow outside! Obviously I neeeded to get back into the house so I weighed my options on what I should do.
Choice 1: I could bang on the laundry room door until I woke Lauren up from her few short hours of sleep.
Choice 2: Go through the garage and treck through a foot of snow in my house slippers to get to the front door and find the "hide-a-key" to open the door.
Well, after about 10 minutes of debating what I should do, I realized that choice 2 was now out of the question because even if I did get to the front door and find the key under the snow the chain was locked and there would be no way for me to open the door from outside...GREAT!!! So, I went with choice one.....for about 20 minutes...NO LUCK....Lauren must have been out! I was really starting to panic that I could be stuck in our laundry room for the rest of the day with no phone, computer....NOTHING! Since I was not okay with the thought of being locked in there I decided to get to the front door and bang on that door until Lauren awoke from her slumber. Off I went...through the garage, around the house and there I stood freezing at the door with a t-shirt, pajama pants and my house shoes...BANGING on the door. After what felt like an eternity, Lauren came to the rescue....if only I could have captured the look on her face of "what in the world are you doing at the front door!" The only thing I could do was laugh and say "I got locked in the laundry room, I am so sorry!" At least it will be a good memory! : )

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